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brochure: Braxon - booklet scentific papers - July 2018

brochure: Braxon - booklet scentific papers - July 2018
Autor: DECOmed srl
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As usual, innovation creates crisis. When Decomed invented Braxon® 5 years ago, old technique and new procedure stood at opposite poles.
Surgeons were somewhere in between waiting for clinical evidence.
Some, like pioneers, took the new road.
It is thanks to them that Decomed can offer sturdy scientific evaluations today.


pag. 64
Pre-pectoral implant-based immediate breast reconstruction with Braxon Porcine Acellular Dermal Matrix: Is it safe with radiotherapy?
Sewell J., Sharma A., Ficken L., Olsen S., Tillett R., Ferguson D.,
Ives C., Oliver D.

pag. 66
Evaluation of one hundred prepectoral implant-based reconstructions using Braxon® from a single institution
Chandarana M., Jafferbhoy S.,
Tan Y., Marla S., Soumian S.,
Sankaran Narayanan S.

pag. 68
Prophylactic Bipedicled Nipple Sparing Wise Pattern Mastectomy And Prepectoral Implant/ Adm Breast Reconstruction In Large Ptotic Breasts; Technique And Outcomes
Khalil H., Faroq T.,
Ashour T., Rhobaye S.,
Malahias M.