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‐140-02-15-T3 ecoghidaj

- Vizibilitate excelenta oferita prin tehnica de detectare cu ultrasunete.

‐ HydroMark absoarbe peste 90% din apa dupa hidratare

‐ Vizibil la ecografie pentru mai mult de 6 saptamani.

‐ HydroMARK este solubil în apa pe baza de polietilen glicol‐hidrogel, care contine un marker Central din otel inoxidabil sau titan

The HydroMARK Advantage

Benefits fact sheet:
The HydroMARK is so visible under ultrasound, doing a wire loc under ultrasound will become your first choice
The HydroMARK is echogenic when first deployed but becomes hypoechoic once it is hydrated
The marker expands in length and diameter after it is deployed, anchoring it within the biopsy cavity
The metal portion of the marker is visible on the follow-up mammogram but the polymer portion is not

For Patients:
Better Visibility, Better Results

No breast compression is necessary if your doctor performs the wire localization under ultrasound
The polymer is biocompatible and completely resorbable
The wire localization under ultrasound rather than mammography is faster and more comfortable
A shorter procedure time means a shorter time to have radiation exposure


Robert A. Gardner, M.D.:

“I have found the HydroMARK clip to be clearly the most valuable type clip I have used in the 20 year period of doing core biopsy cases for breast disease. It is particularly useful in some cases where we need to take the patient to the operating room and allows us to do either image-guided localization in the operating roon or removal of the lesion without localization but using guidance of the ultrasound device at the operating table. In my opinion, this device represents the next major step in precision localization of known or suspected lesions in the breast. I have had no complications or problems. I have had a few cases where I have been able to see the clip in looking at the clip six months later"...

Barbara Bourland, M.D.:

“I have evaluated many, many markers through my many years of being a breast imager,” says Barbara Bourland, MD and director of the Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center.

This is the first marker that significantly adds a new dimension to the management of the patient because it will allow us to avoid the multiple pre operative wire locations that we currently do. This is a significant advantage to the patient, with the surgeon being able to localize the lesions inner operatively. The patient will be spared the pre operative pain and anxiety of the wire localization procedure. That is why I have switched to using the HydroMark exclusively.”