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Insuflator Ackermann Fusion

  • Producător:Ackermann
Insuflator Ackermann Fusion



✓ Insufflator featuring automatic
flow management
✓ Insufflation range of 2 L/min -
45 L/min




✓ Insufflator featuring automatic flow management
✓ Insufflation range of 2L/min – 45L/min
✓ Pressure Setting 0 – 25mmHg
✓ Insufflation can be paused / resumed any time
✓ Automatic bottle / wall plug / tubing detection
✓ Patended function indicates remainung insufflation time
✓ Equipped with bariatric insufflation parameters
✓ Automatic detection of change-over to high and low flow rate
✓ Equipped with external desufflation valve
✓ Recommended to use with Ackermann high pressure hose and compatible only
with Ackermann insufflation tubings (reusable and single use)




Touchscreen 7" LCD touchscreen with 16:10 format
Displays Immediate flow rate; Pressure in cavity; Total volume of CO2
used; Low cylinder levels; Insufflation time in minutes
CO2 gas supply system US 7/16" connector
Pressure range CO2 cylinder 10 to 60 bars; Central gas wall plug 3 to 5 bars
Maximum flow rate 45L/min in high-flow mode; 2L /min in low flow mode
Pressure setting 0 to 25 mmHg
Accuracy 1 mmHg
Gas evacuation External valve
Automatic functions Pressure management; High flow mode to compensate
deflation; Detection of CO2 cylinders and wall plugs
Additional parameters Integrated bariatric insufflation parameters
Instructions for use Always available on screen
Dimensions 310 x 136 x 385 mm
Weight 8 kg
Electric power supply 100 - 230 VAC @ 50 Hz-60 Hz
Power consumption 75 VA


COD PRODUS: 16-2045

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