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Dr. Latcan Elena

  • Specialitate:Otorinolaringologie (ORL)
  • Localitate:Bucuresti
  • Județ:Bucuresti

 Medic Primar ORL, Chirurgie reconstructiva protetica cranio-faciala si a corpului, Docdorand, Spitalul Clinic Coltea Bucuresti
Name and surname: LATCAN ELENA
Ph.D. M.D., E.N.T. – Cranio-Facial and Body Rehabilitation, at:
Foreign languages : French, English, Russian
Education :
1979 graduate of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Bucharest.
1979-1985 internship at the “Sf Pantelimon” hospital, Bucharest
1982-1985 ENT training in Bucharest (at the “Victor Gomoiu” Children Hospital Social Institute for Mother and Child Care “Emilia Irsa” and the “Prof. Dr. D Hociota” Institute for ENT functional surgery and phonoaudiology.
In 1986,confirmed as a specialist ENT MD
Worked at the Domnesti Hospital, the Buftea Policlinic, the County Hospital,Balotesti, Ilfov.
1990 – Entry contest in Bucharest – Sahia Policlinic and Hospital- INTERDEPARTAMENTAL,later named”Dorobanti” Center for Diagnostic and Treatment ,Bucharest ; Surgery activity of Institute ENT functional surgery and phonoaudiology “Prof Dr. Hociota”;
- 1 July 2004-2008, employee of the Coltea Hospital,the ENT Clinic
1992-1995 training courses, in university hospitals in TEL AVIV: SHEBA- TELHASHOMER Medical Center, SHURANSCHI Medical Center, ICHILOV Hospital, LEOPOLD REENBERG Medical Institute(the University of Tel Aviv) and HADASSAH University Hospital in Ierusalim,Israel.
- from 2002 active member of the International Anaplastology Association.
- from 2004 active member of the Plastic Surgeons’ Association in Romania
- PhD in Reconstructive Surgery – The Oro-Maxillofacial prosthetic rehabilitation ,project coordinator prof. dr. R C Popescu, ENT Clinic , Coltea Hospital ,Bucharest
- 1991, 1997 – ENT professional improvement – at CMFACFORL – Bucharest;
- 1997 – International training for implantology and oral pathology; Bucharest;
- 2-5 October 2001 – Training in making prostheses, fixation of facial prostheses with Branemark System, at University Hospital “SALGRENSKA” – ENT department, section Implantology , GOTEBORG, SWEDEN;
- 8-9 October 2001 – Surgery training BAHA and extraoral implantology at University Hospital “SALGRENSKA” – ENT department, section Implantology , GOTEBORG, SWEDEN;
- October 2002, intensive training “Live Surgery”, organised by the Romania Society of Esthetical Surgery, Bucharest;
- April 2004, experience exchange in reconstructive surgery in Civic Hospital PALERMO – SICILIA, reconstructive plastic surgery with silicone prostheses auricular pavilion and fixation using titanium implants (System Branemark);
- September 2005-Intensive Course for Maxillofacial Prosthetics Rehabilitation in Indianopolis Dentistry University ,USA
- September 2006,speaker FDI Congress, Shenzen, China
- March 2007 , ISMR Congress, speaker and work shop, Groningen, Holland
- November 2009, 24-th IAA Conference and work shop, Paris, France
- May 2010,ISMR Congress and Poster presentation, Sestre Levante, Italy
- 1982-2001 : 2-3 days per week at Phonological and Functional surgery Institute ,, Prof. Dr. Hociota”;
- 2001-2008: County ILFOV Hospital;
- From 2005-2010: part-time Clinical Coltea Hospital- E.N.T. Department;
- Surgical interventions in collaboration with clinics within Bucharest and the country in domain of rehabilitation of hearing prostheses (BAHA) + cranio-facial and body rehabilitation.
- 2010-present-ENT and Maxillofacial and body Surgery and Prosthetics Rehabilitation in my private clinic Medical Center “PRAIN”LTD.
- 2010-2011-Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Cours Bucuresti,Timisoara si Trg.Mures,ROMANIA
- annual – national ENT congresses, national and international congresses of MapN+MI
- 1994 – International Congress of alergology – Jerusalem, Israel;
- 1996- International Congress of Oro maxillofacial rehabilitation, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
- 1996 - International Congress of Oncology and Oro maxilla-facial rehabilitation, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
- 1996 – First international Congress interdisciplinary in cranio-facial surgery and cranial base, Jerusalem, Israel
- 1997 - International Congress of Implantology, Bucharest;
- 1999 – 7th ENT Congress and cervico-facial, Bucharest;
- 4-6 October 2000 - International Congress of facial prostheses and body “FORUM 2000”, Southend, Essex, England;
- May, 2001, 6th International Dental Symposium, Timisoara;
- November, 2001 , Maxillofacial prosthetic reconstruction and hearing prostheses BAHA, national Congress of the Interior Ministry – Bucharest;
- May, 2002, 7th International Dental Symposium, 3rd Century Dental – Timisoara;
- May, 2002, International Congress of plastic surgery “Present and future in plastic surgery ” – Bucharest;
- June, 2002, National congress for maxillofacial surgery – Bucharest
- 3-5 October, 2002, 4th International Congress of esthetic surgery, Bucharest;
- 16-19 October 2002, 4th Hand surgery congress and 5th Reconstructive microsurgery congress – Bucharest;
- 5-8 March, 2003, 3rd BAPRAS Congress and 14th National congress Plastic reconstruction and esthetic surgery – Iasi;
- July 2003 – National ENT conference with international guests – Cluj;
- June 2004 - International Congress of reconstructive microsurgery – hand surgery – Bucharest;
- 6-9 October 2004- National congress plastic surgery – Sinaia – with presentation “Reconstructive surgery with silicone endoprostheses, maxillofacial and body”.
- April,2005 - 5th International Congress of esthetic surgery, Bucharest;
- May,2005 - National ENT conference with international guests – Bucharest;
- June,2005 – Congress of International E.N.T. Academy, Bucharest;
- June, 2005 – International Oncology Congress, Bucharest;
- From July 2005 member of the International Society for Maxillofacial Rehabilitation (ISMR) ;
- September 2005- 20-th IAA Conference, speaker and poster presentation, San Antonio, SUA
- June 2008-National Maxillofacial Conference, speaker, SINAIA, Romania
- October 2008,International Congress poster presentation, Microsurgery Reconstruction ,Prosthetics Rehabilitation and Plastic Surgery, Bucharest , Romania
- October 2009-National Plastic Surgery and hand Prosthetics Rehabilitation, poster presentation, Sovata, Romania
2010-Conferinta ISRM- SEXTE LEVENTE-Genova-ITALIA-poster+workshop
- 2012-CONFERINTA IAA-LUCRARE-METODE DE TRATAMENT si reconstructie a piramidei nazale+workshop BELGIA,SPEAKER SI WORKSHOP.
Appearances in MASS-MEDIA: 1999-2011;
- Prosthetic reconstruction oro maxillofacial, in the magazine INFOmedica ,Academica
- Articles and interviews in the newspaper LIBERTATEA , ULTIMA ORA, magazine LEACURI SI TERAPII, Gazeta Cooperatiei, Romania Libera ,Adevarul,Capital,Evenimentul Zilei.
- Magazine FEMEIA – Cranio-facial Prosthetic Reconstruction surgery SANATATEA NOASTRA and MAGAZIN TERAPEUTIC,
- National ENT Magazine,ENT PLUS magazine,Maxillofacial and body Prosthetics Rehabilitation,Bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA)
- From 2000-present: interviews at the tv stations PROTV, PROTV International, ACASA TV ,OTV,B1Tv, TvRM , ANTENA 1, TVR 1 and 2, Realitatea, Prima Tv ,Senso TV