ROmedic Firme medicale Aparatura medicala

Digi Medical Tehnic is a new company with an extensive experience in medical devices field.  This company was made in the idea of providing a professional environment for sales and services for end users. The aim of the company is to introduce to customers the newest and most developed technologies on the market.

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

The first market opportunities  began with pathological anatomy devices and due to customers satisfactions and their demand for commercialization of new products categories we decided to expand the scope of activity with new  brands.



Recomandări produse:

Radocauter KENTAMED RF100 Radocauter KENTAMED RF100
Producător: Kentamed

Radocauter KENTAMED RF100   DESCRIERE:- tehnologie de ultimă oră Unitate de chirurgie radiofrecvență 4MHz - controlat prin microprocesor- combină bine-cunoscutele efecte de economisire a...

Set de 6 electrozi precordiali EKG Set de 6 electrozi precordiali EKG
Producător: GIMA

Set de 6 electrozi pentru piept Ø 15 mm - acoperit cu argint Set de 6 electrozi pentru piept Ø 24 mm - acoperit...

Aparat de inregistrat chirurgical-Sony HVO-550MD/SUR HD Aparat de inregistrat chirurgical-Sony HVO-550MD/SUR HD
Producător: SONY

Sony HVO-550MD/SUR HD Înregistratoare HD HVO-550MD Captura de imagine de înaltă calitate Hard disk intern de 500 GB Înregistrare simultană la HD / DVD...

Unit ORL standard Unit ORL standard

Echipament standard:   Sursa de lumina incorporata Lumina LED Pulverizator Aspirator Insuflator Incalzitor de endoscop Sistem de deblocare cu avertizare Suport film Tava...

Histeroscop Histeroscop
Producător: L'CARE

Histeroscop curb 22 ° - Ø6.4mm × 170mm Endoscop  0° - Ø6.2mm×200mm Endoscop 30°- Ø6mm×200mm Histeroscop curbat 22 °- Ø5.2mm × 170mm Endoscop - ...