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CityMed Clinic came into existence as a result of the conglomeration
of a group of young specialist doctors oriented towards performance,
who set out to provide people of Arad with premium medical services
in conditions of comfort, discretion and safety.
The central idea was
and remains the couple‘s fertility. The multidisciplinary approach
to this sensitive problem creates the premises for the correct
diagnosis and treatment of any dysfunctions that may deprive us of
the gift of procreation.Qualified staff and state-of-the-art
equipment make us one of those who havea say in modern
romanian medicine

The last testimonials:

Herczeg Rozalia, 80 years old

Overall satisfaction: Very satisfied

Totul la superlativ! Personal deosebit, servicii de calitate, atmosferă plăcută.

Burkert Adriana, 56 years old

Overall satisfaction: Very satisfied

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