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2nd International Symposium on Research in Acupuncture

2nd International Symposium on Research in Acupuncture
2nd International Symposium on Research in Acupuncture is organized by Association of Medical Acupuncturists of Bologna / Associazione Medici Agopuntori Bolognesi (AMAB), Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) and will be held from Oct 20 - 21, 2018 at Hotel Savoia Regency, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

The target audience for this medical event is Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including working in education, research, clinical applications, health system, as well as other professional experts and scholars, can participate.

We will again, in Bologna, host many of the most recognized international authorities in the field of clinical and basic acupuncture research, with the final aim of providing updates and practical and authoritative insight into the most controversial aspects and issues concerning acupuncture research and its integration within healthcare systems.

The programme of the Symposium features plenary sessions and panel discussions with active participation of the audience and focuses on the following topics designed to appeal to a wide range of congress participants :

• Mechanisms of Action and Current Trends in Acupuncture Research.

• Research Methodology and EBM in Acupuncture. The Placebo Issue.

• From Acupuncture Research to Clinical Practice.

• Integration of Acupuncture into Healthcare Systems: Regulatory and Cost-Effectiveness Aspects.

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