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Ecograf digital portabil alb/negru PW-9608

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Ecograf digital portabil alb/negru PW-9608 First-class digital imaging technology, more clearer image
1.Full-digital beam image formation technology
2.Double inserted probe identifies automatically
3.Generating clinical report automatically
4.The whole dynamic receiving focusing
5.High –precision digital scan conversion DSC
6.Back-lit photoelectricity track control
7.Intelligentized TGC gain control of the whole paragraph 8
8.Advanced technology to ensure that the SMT placement machine reliability

Luxuriant image processing:
Scanning mode: convex / linear / micro-convex
Probes: convex probe,trans-vaginal probe, trans-rectal probe, high frequency linear probe
Display:10 inch non-interlaced monitor
Dynamic scope: 0~100dB, visible & adjustable
Electronical focusing multi-point or dynamic focusing
Pseudo color: 16
Measurement: distance, perimeter, area, heart rate, gestational week (BPD, CRL, GS, FL, HC) and so on.
Note: ID, gender, age, hospital, doctor, comment, date, time.
Body marks:16
Probe interface:2
Puncture guide:The puncture guide line can be displayed under B mode.
Gain control:The total gain, 8-segment TGC
Cine loop: 256 frames
Image review:Images can be reviewed successively or checked one by one.
Image storage:128
Video output:SVGA (SVGA color monitor), PAL-D

General menu: Abdomen(Distance, circumference, area, volume)
Gynecology menu: Distance, U.T, ENDO, CX-L, OV-V, FO-D, UT-L/CX-L
Obstetrics menu: Distance, GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL, EDD
Heart menu: Distance, Time, Slope, Rhythm
Urology menu: Distance, RUV, PV
Body Scanning: abdomen,liver,gallbladder,pancreas,spleen,kidney,uterus,bladder,
uterine appendages,fetal movement gynecology, obstetrics,gynaecology vagina,little organs,
mammary gland,thyroid,epidermal tissue,lymph gland and so on.

Standard configuration:
10 inch non-interlaced monitor
3.5MHz Multi-freq Convex Probe(2.5MHz-5.0MHz)

1)6.5MHz High frequency Trans-vaginal probe
2)7.5MHz High frequency linear probe
3)7.5 MHz Multi-freq rectal Linear Probe
5)Color laser printer
6)3D workstation software
7) Puncture guide frame
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