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Per aspera ad astra - On difficult paths one reaches the stars Life is complex, and so are the people who populate it. I am an integrative psychotherapist and I promote flexibility and originality in the approach to clients, without reducing quality standards. The goal is to "facilitate integration, so that the person‘s qualities, which exist and function in intrapsychic, interpersonal space, are maximized, taking into account the limits of each individual and external conditions" (Chiriac, 2010). Considering the complexity of the problems present in the office through the life story of the clients, Ipersonalized psychotherapeutic strategies to solve the various situations they face, in a manner based on clinical intuition and a solid and clear knowledge of the existing problems and the necessary solutions , all these things being based on a professional attitude, of respect, kindness, honesty, authenticity and equality in the approach to the participants in the psychotherapeutic act. The most flexible element controls the system - come join me and let‘s rewrite your personal history together!

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