Psiholog Bojan Ciprian

  • Telefon: 0753037378
  • Localitate: Bucuresti-Brasov (Brasov)
  • Loc de muncă actual: N/A
  • Specialitate: Psihologie
  • Specialitate secundară: Psihoterapie
  • Competențe: Psihologie Clinica,
Bojan Ciprian

High English proficiency and evidence-based clinical approach.
The therapies I use vary depending on you as a person and the type of difficulties you are struggling. Together we could explore whether you tend to be self critical, overly pessimistic or fearful. Whether you tend to jump to negative conclusions or have unrealistically high expectations of yourself and others.
For anxieties/fears we might look at situations you avoid to help you slowly face those fears at a slow and gradual pace which is comfortable for you, while also helping you learn new coping skills to deal with your panic and anxiety.

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