Dr. Stanca Iulia Diana

  • Telefon: (cabinet)
  • Localitate: Craiova (DOLJ)
  • Loc de muncă actual: N/A
  • Specialitate: Neurologie
Stanca Iulia Diana
I have been working in Clinic of Neurology of the Clinical Hospital of Neuropsychiatry Craiova since 2005. I have been taking care of patients main with stroke, but also with neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, miastenia gravis, mutiple sclerosis. In my current clinical practice I have to hospitalize the patients with neurological disorders, to monitorize the evolution of the diseases, to indicate the treatment, to recomend the paraclinical analysis and to offer the medical advice to patients and their family. In clinical practice I do 2-3 duties per month. Also, I have been working as assistant lecturer at University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova, Clinic of Neurology for 5 years. As a assistant lecturer I have to conducting clinical internships in Neurology with students, to organize consultations, meetings, lectures or other forms of students"™ guidance and training. During my clinical practice, I have been participating in clinical trials.

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