Only 3 months left for EU Doctors to get GMC registered without IELTS/OET!

Acest job nu mai este activ (data de expirare a fost depașită).
Job publicat de: HEKA Recruitment
Locație: All over the UK (Anglia)
Telefon: 0742376839
Data: 01-09-2020
USE IT OR LOSE IT! Resident and Specialist Doctors / Consultants with at least 2-3 years of recent and relevant hospital experience are invited to apply now to this professional opportunity. Attractive salaries and flexible working schedules for you.

At this very moment it is quite difficult to make predictions about what the coming months will bring us. We only know that it is important to have hope and do everything we can to stay physically and mentally healthy, and to protect others.

Travel plans as well as career plans are now with a question mark. However, the uncertainty of these days can be combated with a few doses of predictability. HEKA Recruitment offers EU Doctors (Residents, Specialists and Consultants) who are thinking of working in the UK an action plan that has a high chance of success. Its steps are as follows:

1. Send your English CV to and schedule a phone conversation.

2. We will determine if your experience meets the requirements of the positions we have. If so, we will present your application to our British clients. If not, we will try to find jobs that match your experience and wishes.

3. Together with our British clients we can help you obtain the licence to practise from the GMC this year without you having to take the IELTS / OET language exam standardly required for this registration.

4. You will sign an employment contract for 6-12 months and start working in the UK (by) next year.

5. After the end of the contract, either sign its extension or we will find you a new job in the UK, should you wish so.


The need for qualified and motivated medical staff is even more urgent in the current situation. We believe that any crisis generates opportunities that it is good to capitalize on in a timely manner.

Contact us for more information and let us join forces to fulfill our professional plans and bring as much clarity and predictability in our lives as possible.


up to £65,000 per year

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