Psychiatry jobs without IELTS/OET for GMC

Acest job nu mai este activ (data de expirare a fost depașită).
Job publicat de: HEKA Recruitment
Locație: All over the UK (Anglia)
Telefon: 0742376839
Data: 25-03-2020
Resident and Specialist EU Doctors with at least 1-2 years of recent Psychiatry experience can earn around 50,000 GBP per year in elite private hospitals from the UK. These jobs can be accessed without the language certificate (IELTS/OET) requested by the GMC, but with an advanced level of English, of course. Apply now and start work in the UK by the end of this year!



· Knowledge of mental health psychopathology leading to diagnosis

· Knowledge on how to complete a psychiatric risk assessment and risk management plan

· Knowledge of diagnosis and evidence based treatment plans

· Knowledge of physical health assessment and management of common conditions to include but not limited to the key skills of ECG interpretation, phlebotomy and the interpretation of blood results

· Knowledge of mental health act

Patient Management

• The day to day medical supervision of the patients

• The provision of the highest standard of medical care to the patients as required either continually or on an emergency basis

• To conduct physical and psychiatric assessments and arrange other appropriate tests as required.

• To monitor, on a daily basis, the response to prescribed treatment, evaluate the progress of patients and adjust medication as necessary.

• To co-ordinate treatment procedures between nursing staff and the consultant and supervise day to day medication.

• To liaise with the clinical team to develop a therapeutic programme related to the needs of the patient.

• To detail the programme of care, monitor its value in terms of patient response and change as required.

• To deal with emergencies, whether physical or psychiatric as they arise.

• To participate in ward rounds and clinical review meetings as requested.

• To maintain patient confidentiality at all times.

These jobs are available in elite hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.

Don't hesitate to apply if you have a very good level of English, and / or let your colleagues know!


50,000 GBP / year

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