Vand holter ecg Contec TLC9803 cu 3 canale/5 electrozi +soft PC: 2000 RON cu factura.

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2000 ron
Anunț publicat de: Cristian G.
Locație: Botosani (Botosani)
Telefon: 0745324637
Data: 10-09-2013
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Software Functions Features:
QRS Templates
Apply Demix technology, ensures the accuracy of QRS templates, includes N (Normal), V (Ventricular Ectopy), S (SVE), U (Unknown), P (Pacemaker), A (Artifact). All the templates can be combined or separated as individual beats. Beats can be superimposed. Weak signal can be identified such as P wave.
Arrhythmia Analysis
VE, SVE, aberrant beats, V-Tach, V-Pair, V-Bigeminy, Tri-geminy etc.
HRT (VE Chaos) Analysis
HRT is the most powerful ECG-related risk predictor for assessing the death risk following myocardial infarction. The predictive value is comparable with that of the LVEF.
Pacemaker Analysis
Unique pacemaker analysis is suitable for various models I. E. AAI, VVI, DDD, DDR pacemakers.
HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Analysis
Time domain and Spectral domain HRV analysis, superlower HRV analysis
Heart Rate Variability is analyzed in both Time Domain and Frequency. The top of the HRV display shows the Poincare-Lorenz scatter plots. The lower left shows the Frequency power graph. The range boundaries for LF, LF and HF can be adjusted. The lower right shows the Time Domain histogram. Day and night times can be entered for Sleep Apnea and for A-Fib.
HRT (Heart Rate Turbulence) Analysis
Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter Analysis
Atrial Fibrillation is very important for the cardiologist concern. Holter ECG is an excellent test to detect transient A-Fib.
TWA (T-wave alterans) Analysis
Unknown for the past 40 years, T-Wave Alternans (TWA) in excess of 20 micro-volts have been in Holter recordings but have been undetected. TWA is a strong predictor of V-Tach and other serious cardiac abnormalities. It takes less than 10-seconds to do a complete 24-hour TWA analysis.
You can check for TWA anywhere in teh 24-hour ECG file. Not only can you detect TWA in the ECG file, this software lets you view the ECG showing the actual TWA, so that you can verify and validate the presence of real TWA.
The TWA algorithm detects two modes of TWA. Mode 1 is the beat-to-beat change in T-Wave amplitudes exceeding 20 micro-volts, as shown in the adjacent picture. Mode 2 is the gradual up and down changes of T-wave amplitudes over a series of several beats.
Holter Recorder:
Model: CS-3CL
12-lead Color LCD Holter recorder
Compact size, light weight
Fully programmable, high Fidelity
Lower power consumption
Fast data transfer
Pacemaker detection
Channel: 3 digital recording channels for 12-lead
Sample rate: 1000Hz
Resolution: 12 bit sampling
Frequency response: 0.05-60Hz
Recording time: 24 hours, full disclosure, no data compression, 3 channel ECG
Storage: 2G built-in flash memory
LCD display: ECG waveform and lead number
Dimension: 80mmx45mmx18mm
Weight: 75 grams (battery not included)
Lead: 5 wire patient cable
Power: 2 AA size battery

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